It is 100 years since World War One, and we all are made aware of this centenary by different media. Often the result is a passive awareness – you are told certain stories, but might not really engage with them. Our project tries to put your active engagement centre stage.

The memory of WWI reaches us in different word forms, such as:

  • postcards
  • diary entries
  • songs
  • war novels
  • family artefacts
  • newspaper reports.

And it is not just words; we are also interested in recollections of WWI in visual and audio forms.

But first of all, we would like you to help us create a repository of these various documents and then translate them into English and/or use already available translations. We would like you to give them a voice via recordings made during our workshops.

Our final goal is to bring all the material together in a series of audio installations and a multimedia exhibition. All the material will be archived and made available via our website and social media links.

Through this project we hope to contribute to the celebrations of the WWI centenary. We would like to use our knowledge and experience as Postgraduate Research Students of Modern Languages to create awareness about different WWI stories. Our goal is to engage audiences in exploring the variety of facets of this first worldwide conflict.

The project will be used to promote the study of foreign languages and to give an opportunity for PGR students to co-operate in a shared project alongside their individual research.

We are looking to work with schools, visitors to our Open Days and external partners. The translation component could open up new avenues for research for the students undertaking translation studies.