Fritz Schilling's War Diaries 1914-1918, December 1915


Fritz Schilling’s War Diaries 1914-1918

December 1915

Wednesday, 1st Dec.

This morning the second group of soldiers went on leave. Hope to be allowed to leave in 3 weeks as well. Sergeant Maczijewki departed, too, and delegated his duties to Fleischer.




Friday, 3rd Dec.

In the evening we had to collect telecommunication equipment, passing Jelowka. Again having had guests to stay overnight, the Vice Sergeant and Dasbach from the first infantry regiment 44.


Saturday, 4th Dec.

Handed out telecommunications equipment to the infantry.


Sunday, 5th Dec.

Nothing happening.


Monday, 6th Dec.

Went to Pastoral in the morning, collecting postage. Perfect sledge ride.


Tuesday, 7th Dec.

Tomorrow, they want me to drive to the depot for spare-parts in Uziany.


[…] [Some entries about tiring the journey to the depot turned out to be.] […]  


Sunday, 12th Dec.

Return journey as boring as the outward one. Train stops ever so often, and always for a long time, of course. At each station the locomotive needs water, similarly slow progress. At 10p.m. we arrived in Abely, where the men from the medical corps left, whereas we continued the bouncy ride t our momentary home.


Monday, 13th Dec.

At about 1a.m.we finally reached Jelowka again. Equipment was unloaded and left next to the line. Both of us walked to Kumerischky and reached our quarters at about 3a.m. After a few hours of sleep we collected the equipment from Jelowka.


Tuesday, 14th Dec.

Being busy distributing the telecommunications’ equipment today.


Wednesday, 15th Dec.

Nothing happening.


Thursday, 16th Dec.

Lieutenant wants to go on leave tomorrow; said good-bye to us this evening. Merkel was granted the Iron Cross. Sheer mockery, that is. As if there weren’t others more deserving than this fellow is.


Friday, 17th Dec.

Lieutenant hit the trail, together with his St. Merkel. Hope I will be allowed to depart soon, too. Between 18th Dec and 4th Jan we will be given only 18 days, journey time included. Guess that let the Lieutenant depart in a hurry, as this way he is guaranteed his 3 weeks of leave. He doesn’t care abut our leave; main thing, “HE” can leave.




Monday, 20th Dec.

Further 3 men on leave from today. I went to Schödern for delousing. Enjoyed having had a nice bath after such a long time.


Tuesday, 21st  Dec.

Sergeant returned from leave this morning. In the evening we left in a sledge. Fleischer, Seide and myself. Had to travel all night and arrived at Duktschky shortly before the departure of our train.


Wednesday, 22th Dec.

Train left on time at 5.28a.m. Carriages not heated. We were freezing as a consequence. Arrived in Wilna at 9.30a.m. Changing trains here. Again un-heated carriages, which took us through Kowno to Eydkuhnen. Took through train from there, cosy seats and heated carriages for a change. Departed at 4.30p.m.


Thursday, 23rd Dec.

Arrived in Berlin at 7.30a.m., had a beer and then went home. Been visiting my Aunt Emilie today.


Friday, 24th Dec.

This evening my Aunt Emilie and Miss Buchholz visited us for Christmas’ Eve.


Saturday, 25th Dec.

In the morning, Christmas drinks of our club in the function rooms at Mieler’s. Visited the Bürgers’ and then the Jahns’ in the afternoon. Mr Schulte got engaged yesterday.


Sunday, 26th Dec.

Went to Miss Buchholz’s birthday in the afternoon and then to Mr Schulte in the evening.


Monday, 27th Dec.

Walking around in Berlin before and after lunch, in the company of K. and H. Jänner and K. Kutzner. Visited Lentz in the evening.


Tuesday, 28th Dec.

After a long time joining a class of gymnastics in the evening. Pretty good turn out. After that having had some pints of beer at Mattausch’s.




Friday, 31st Dec.

Strolled through Berlin with Erich Staacks in the afternoon. Visited Hugo Böhme, then Gerwing. In the evening visits from my Aunt Emilie, Miss Buchholz, Mr and Mrs Gebhardt and from Miss Lux. Drinking punch and eating pancakes, we celebrated New Year’s Eve. May the New Year bring us peace.



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